A list of garments I have completed, in order of date of origin. Where completed dress diaries/dedicated posts exist, I have given a link to the appropriate page or entry; for those pieces which never got specifically posted about I have simply included a photo. The earliest garment included here was made in 2012; everything made before that has been 'retired' as my skills in both research and construction have advanced.


- Late 14th - early 15th c. grey linen kirtle (2012)
- 14th - early 15th c. raspberry wool cotehardie (2013)
- 14th c. Green wool liripipe hood (2013) (see image above)
- 12th-15th c. red leather cutwork shoes (2014)
-15th c. green velvet German housebook gown (2014)


- Red wool Tudor kirtle (2014) (and updates and much better photos here)

18th Century

- 'Louisbourg' Undergarments (stays, hoop, etc.) (2014)
- 1745 LACMA Francaise/'Louisbourg Gown' (2014)
- Painted 1770s caraco and accessories (2014)

- Silk-cotton 1770s jacket (2015)
- c. 1770s-80s silk market bonnet (2015)

19th Century

- Early 19th century wrap stays (2015)
- 1815 petticoat and undergown (2015)
- 1815 striped silk ball gown (2015)
- 1840s corded petticoat (2014), and 1860s chemise (2014)
- 1876 blue silk corset (2015) (and updates and much better photos here)
- 1890s red corset (2013)