Wool Cotehardie and Liripipe Hood

[The following has been pasted directly from the livejournal post]

Finally finished and took photos of my raspberry wool cotehardie and green wool hood =D Like the last ones, these are taken at UofT in Toronto. I'll post the finished shots for now and I'll get a dress diary together later when I have more time =)
Cotehardie of 100% shetland wool twill, with a four-gored skirt and front lacing. Grey kirtle of 100% linen with four-gored skirt, self-fabric buttons from wrist to elbow, and front lacing. Liripipe hood of green and black 100% wool twill, lined in dark grey 100% linen, with two shoulder gores and self-fabric buttons up the front. Shift of white linen. Belt of cotton velvet with brass and pewter findings. All 100% hand-stitched by me.
Next time, I will not wear thin leather turnshoes in the snow. =( The rest of the clothing was extremely warm, however, and with the hood on I wasn't cold at all, except for my feet!







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