Thursday, 26 March 2015

Corset try-on, and TV show musings

Half-done the flossing (well, maybe more like 2/3...woops. Meant to do a fitting before this). Before I finish flossing and binding it and go past the point of no return, I wanted to do a quick try-on to make sure that everything was as it should be.

It fits great, and so far it's very comfortable! There's about a 4" lacing gap in back, which is fine - it's the end of the day, and I can usually lace down about 1" further if I do it in the morning, and lacing gaps tend to shrink as a corset gets broken in. So as long as I remember to put it on periodically and mold the fibers by wearing it for an hour or two, it will fit better and better.

My main concern was that the only available busk was about 1" longer than I'd have strictly preferred, and I was worried that it would be uncomfortable to sit. But all is good!

You'll have to excuse the awful selfies; there was no one else home to take photos. =P Thank goodness for split busks! I had to put in two laces to get it wide enough to do myself, though. >.>

I forgot to measure the waist when it was on, so the final reduction measurement will have to wait. Probably around 3-4" on the outside.

Anyways, more flossing tomorrow and then binding, and it's done!

Also, in tv show news: watching the first episode of Turn: Washington's Spies on Netflix and so far it's so-so. Couple of weird costumey things, as always - although fairly good, considering some of what's out there - but it's just not holding my interest. The new Poldarck is great, though! Aidan Turner *swoon* Ahem. But yeah, watch that. Although what was with Demelza's sack-thing for the first two episodes? Even the poorest folk would not be wearing a sack-shirt and a sack-skirt, especially once she's a maid. And then suddenly she gets stays out of nowhere. Which is good, but...weird. Oh well.

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  1. Beautiful Corset with a great fit :) and OMG Poldark <3